Project Update from LanCity Connect – Northwest Residents

LanCity Connect has worked tirelessly to develop a more robust community broadband deployment strategy. We understand that recent setbacks may have caused frustration and inconvenience. During this time, LanCity Connect has improved internal and external efficiencies to provide a more enhanced level of service to residents, businesses, and visitors in the City of Lancaster.

As such, we have a few important updates for residents in the NORTHWEST:

  • GROUP A: Residents who HAVE requested an installation through the portal.
    • Action Needed: None. Customer Care will be in touch with you directly to schedule your internal installation as soon as service is available on your block.
  • GROUP B: Residents on the following blocks who HAVE NOT requested an installation through the portal.
    • Action Needed: Please visit or contact us at 844-526-2489 to request your installation today. You must request your installation before August 31, 2017 to ensure we connect your home during Phase 1.
000 block of West James 400 block of North Concord
100 block of North Prince (Even) 400 block of North Queen
200 block of North Arch 400 block of West Chestnut
200 block of North Concord 400 block of West James
200 block of West Chestnut 400 block of West Walnut
200 block of West Walnut 400 block West Orange
300 block of North Market 500 block of West James
300 block of North Queen 500 block of West Orange
300 block of West Chestnut 500 block of West Walnut
300 block of West James 600 block of West Marion
300 block of West Marion 800 block of West Walnut
300 block of West Walnut 900 block of West Walnut
300 block West Orange

Not on any of these blocks? Don’t worry! We’ll have an update to you shortly. In the meantime, should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact customer support at or call (844) 526-2489. Thank you!

6 responses to “Project Update from LanCity Connect – Northwest Residents”

  1. Dear LanCity Connect:
    I am wondering when you are coming by to my house. I live at 322 N. Mulberry St. Apt. 2, and I would like to be hooked up soon…I have severe hearing loss, and am looking to get a Hamilton Captel phone system installed that requires internet, so I can be able to communicate, since I cannot hear on the phone.
    Thanks for your help!
    Mary Bowen

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