Wireless Versus Wired Connections For Your Home

Wireless vs. Wired Connections

Which is better: wired or wireless connections? Let’s find out!


Wired Connections:

A wired connection uses an Ethernet cable to connect your computers to a home router. There are significant advantages to wired connections compared to wireless. A wired network is much faster than wifi, although modern wifi speeds have increased over the years. A wired connection is also less expensive and more secure. An Ethernet connection is more reliable as wifi signals can become blocked by objects in your home or by the network of your neighbors. A disadvantage to Ethernet, however, is having to run cables throughout your home which may be inconvenient and bulky.


Wireless Connections:

A wireless connection may be ideal for homes that want the convenience of connecting devices without cable connections. Wifi allows multiple devices to be connected to a single router without any cable connected. Data is sent through radio waves which makes the use of Ethernet cables unnecessary. The disadvantage to wireless connections is the risk of security breaches or loss of wifi connections.
Wired vs. wireless connections is all a matter of preference and what is most convenient for your home. To learn more about LanCity Connect, call customer support at 844-LanCity, or visit our website.

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