The Westminster P3 Model in Maryland

Westminster, MD has adopted the public-private partnership (P3) model in order to construct one of the very first gigabit networks within the Mid-Atlantic region. This model could potentially connect a network of fiber optic lines to each home and business throughout the city to deliver quality gigabit data service.

A public-private partnership essentially is a true partnership where both parties achieve their specific goals while simultaneously sharing the risks and rewards in a way that can be sustainable over the duration of the partnership. Each party must have a clear and concise idea of their strategic goals which will ultimately determine how the terms of the P3 model will be crafted.

For the city of Westminster, their core principles included: public ownership of the fiber network; a multitiered service model that would partition risks and responsibilities to separate operational layers; and a commitment to open access at the service level as the end state of the service environment. The goals of the city are important as they will shape the direction of the fiber network throughout the city. This model is the model that we at LanCity are operating here in Lancaster City!

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