Watching NBA and NHL Without Cable

Interested in cutting the cord but don’t want to miss all the live action of your favorite winter sports? Sports-lovers rejoice! There are ways to still watch every pass AND eliminate your high monthly bill you pay for cable. Here are a few ways to watch your favorite NBA and NHL teams without cable.

For NBA fans, there a few options for game watching through streaming services. SlingTV offers a channel lineup of ESPN, ABC, and TNT – all channels that stream a variety of NBA games throughout the season. Another option would be the NBA League Pass. This streaming service offers a range of viewing options depending on your preference and budget. If you own, or are willing to purchase an antenna, ABC airs a number of games each week throughout the regular season.

For NHL fans, watching your favorite team this winter is easy after cutting the cord. Again, SlingTV offers a channel lineup that includes local FOX Sports networks across the country, allowing you to watch many regional NHL teams. Another option is NHL Gamecenter Live. Similar to the NBA League Pass, users have multiple viewing options depending on preference and budget. Using an antenna gives you access to NHL games for free in HD on network TV.

There is no need to pay the high price for cable in order to watch your favorite sports teams this winter. Cut the cord and get access to the fastest, most affordable, and most reliable internet connection with LanCity Connect. Lancaster city residents can watch all their favorite teams, all winter long, for half the price!

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