Service Options

Here at LanCity Connect we understand our customers have different needs. Therefore we offer FOUR incredibly affordable options to fit our speed and budgeting requirements! All our speeds are symmetrical upload and down load speeds! That’s right! No more slow as molasses upload speeds. Upload all your Facebook and Instagram pictures with speed! Did we mention, SPEED?

The competition doesn't even come close!

Lancity Connect Prices
Speed Tier Lancity Price
50 Mbps* $34.99
150 Mbps $49.99
300 Mbps $75.99
1000 Mbps $89.99
Competition Prices
Speed Tier Competitor Price
50 Mbps* $49.95
150 Mbps $82.00
300 Mbps Not Offered
1000 Mbps Not Offered

*low income pricing available, please call 844-LanCity (1-844-526-2489) for more information!

**Costs for Service do not include applicable regulatory cost recovery fees including Universal Service, Federal, State, and Local Taxes. All prices are based on current market rates as of August 1st, 2016.

Compare the numbers and decide for yourself!

Young man and woman playing a video game

Compare your current speed to our speeds to understand what a 1000 Mbps would do for you!, select below.

Download Comparison:

SD Movie File Size (1GB) Speed: 1000 Mbps
SD Movie File Size (1GB) Speed: 300 Mbps
SD Movie File Size (1GB) Speed: 150 Mbps
SD Movie File Size (1GB) Speed: 50 Mbps

Still not sure which tier is right for you? Email us at or give us a call at 844-LanCity (1-844-526-2489) and a knowledgeable customer service agent would be happy to help you select the perfect tier for you!

Not sure if you are in our service area? Click here to see our services area map!

Please Note: Although LanCity connect will never throttle your speeds, there are numerous reasons as to why you may not be receiving the speeds you are paying for, therefore, we state your speeds are “up to” your selected tier. Possible reasons for lower speeds than expected can include, but are not limited to: End user hardware issues, congestion (how many people in your house hold who are accessing the web simultaneously), server issues from the site you are trying to access, just to list a few.