How To Reduce Data In Your Favorite Apps


A survey done by SurveyMonkey Intelligence, showed the most-downloaded and most-used apps among Americans in 2016. From the results, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google Maps fell within the top 10. Most app users don’t realize that their favorite apps are costing them money. There is no need to sacrifice your smartphone experience in order to save money on mobile data. Use these tips to save money on mobile data each month.


One of the newest features of Facebook is that videos will automatically play as your scroll through your newsfeed. The best way to reduce your data in this app is to disable the auto-play video feature. To enable this setting: Settings > Auto-Play videos on Wi-Fi only.

Another simple way to save data while in the Facebook app is through Settings & Privacy > General > Edit next to Data Usage > Choose Less, Normal or More > Save. By limiting your data usage directly like this, your image quality will be adjusted.


When you open the app, Instagram automatically loads videos that appear on your feed. This feature allows for quick access to videos, whether you wanted to watch them or not. By simply enabling Instagrams cellular data use toggle, you can reduce the amount of data used upon just opening the app. To enable this setting: Instagram profile > Settings bar > Cellular Data Usage > click Use Less Data


You have probably noticed that when you open Snapchat, your snaps from friends, Stories and Discovery media load automatically. Although this feature is convenient to seeing the newest picture or video quickly, it is using a great deal of data every time you open the app. To reduce your data usage Snapchat has added a “Travel Mode” toggle, which tells Snapchat not to load your media until you tap on it. To enable this setting: Open your Snapchat profile (Swipe down on the main page) > Settings icon (top right) > Under Additional Services click Manage > Travel Mode

Google Maps

It is hard to avoid major data usage when using some form of maps. In most cases, when we need directions the most, we do not have access to wifi. Google Maps has created a feature that helps out those who are looking to limit their data usage within the app. You can now download an area in Google Maps. By downloading an area ahead of time, you significantly reduce your data usage when navigating to your destination, and improve accuracy when traveling through a low reception area. To download an area on Google Maps: Click on the search bar and scroll to the bottom of the page > Select “Make this map area available offline.”

Most Americans are quickly becoming aware of how much data they are using on a daily basis. When WiFi is not readily available, the price of data may hinder smartphone users ability to share, chat and surf online.

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