Public statement on dispute with PPL

MAW Communications is currently involved in a dispute with PPL. Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to discuss the matter in detail, as this is a legal matter.

What we can say, however, is that this is a long-standing dispute between two Pennsylvania public utilities. Despite the current legal dispute, both parties involved completely agree that public safety is a paramount priority, and MAW will be working directly with PPL to expedite remediation of any identified safety issues.

Please keep in mind that there is a larger national conversation here that is not unique to the City of Lancaster. Across the country, states and local jurisdictions are trying to figure out the most appropriate ways to manage of the public right of way. The last two decades has seen significant growth in public infrastructure, especially telecommunications infrastructure, which is providing new regulatory challenges.

At the core of the current dispute is the ability of telecommunications companies to efficiently and cost-effectively provide 21st Century infrastructure to communities at affordable rates. America stands at a crossroads, and MAW looks forward to working with PPL to safely provide community access to critical public infrastructure in the public right of way.

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