The Open-Access of the WestMinster Model

The multi-layered aspect of the P3 model allows this service approach to lay the groundwork for a true and open-access environment at the service level. This environment allows customers to switch providers without barriers or risk and provides the ability to try new services as they become available. A huge benefit to this approach is the transparency regarding the cost and quality of the of the providers and their offerings.

By allowing these barriers to be eliminated, real competition can take place which allows service providers to deliver better services at much lower prices. If a new provider wants to tap into the market, there is no longer any barriers to break through for them to offer their new and innovative services. Without barriers, innovation and economic development can quickly become accelerated. Ultimately, the customer wins on all accounts. The multilayer model aligns the interests of all parties and increases revenues for the network operator. The incentive for local government to continue expanding increasing with this model, opening the door for more potential customers.

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