The Number of Community Broadband Networks Increase

Although the development of many community broadband networks has been under scrutiny from many large corporations, the numbers of these public-private networks have continued to climb. Public-private fiber-to-the-premises projects now stand at 143 with a 6% increase from 2013. These network models rarely gain outside attention so it is possible that a number of them have yet to be discovered.

The majority of these fiber networks seem to be self-sustaining and even profitable. Many continue to grow or add new types of customers and services. Many well-run fiber networks have been crucial in attracting new businesses and even the retention of current businesses within their communities. Many networks have been developed to accommodate specific requests by local businesses. There is no single model for a public broadband network. Every single project will have a slightly different approach, depending on the political standing of the municipality, financial state and interest. 

Read more about these growing broadband network communities across our nation! Click the link for the full article.


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