Net Neutrality by the Numbers

The recent vote on Net Neutrality has triggered anger and worry amongst our nation’s countless internet users. The fear of speed throttling and data filtering has now become a legitimate threat. LanCity Connect is proud to say that we are in total favor of a free and open internet and will not be throttling speeds or be filtering data.
What happens now? Net Neutrality could greatly affect hundreds of thousands of individuals across our nation. Let’s take a look at some of those numbers, provided by and see the impact of this vote.


According to the graphic above, 129 million Americans remain unprotected from their internet providers as a result of this crucial vote. Internet corporations now have immense power over their consumers and can throttle and filter data that millions of Americans are dedicating their hard-earned money on. In today’s society, it is essential that users have equal internet access for job searching, social connecting, and general daily living. With the throttling of speeds, this can greatly hinder internet access for the general public.

We know that this decision is a legitimate worry for a number of you. To ease your concerns, we at LanCity want to make our affordable (throttle-free) internet packages known to all of you. To learn more about our service tiers please visit our packages here.

We at LanCity Connect respect the freedom of our users when it comes to their internet access.

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