Municipal Networks and Affordability

Across many regions in the United States, networks have been raising prices and increasing speed. Although these spikes are happening at varying rates, it still raises the question of the correlation between affordability and speed.

In Tennessee, many counties have experienced this change. In Chattanooga, they have not raised their prices since 2009. Their standard speed is 6X faster than when they first started. To accommodate lower-income families, the county even created an option at a lower rate with the same amount of speed.

In Clarksville, another county in Tennessee, their network rate increased by $10 over nine years but they managed to increase their speed by 240 megabits per second (Mbps). Another county, Pulaski, increased their prices by $10 over 10 years but increased their speed from 5mbps to 50mbps.

Although the progress within these communities is great, many communities have gone so long without quality network service because they are focused on serving their community’s needs and not maximizing profit. Through municipal networks, communities would be able to keep more money while simultaneously creating jobs and cultivating growth and educational opportunities.

With LanCity Connect, we hope to stimulate job growth and provide quality service at an affordable rate for ALL residents!

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