Live TV On Your Favorite Social Platforms

photo-1440439307159-c3afc8a8e4ffOriginally, platforms like Twitter and Facebook catered to sharing and communicating in the simplest form. Today, these social media platforms have taken their services to the next level with live TV.

Watching TV has never been easier with these platforms making the move to live streaming, while also giving classic cable TV a run for its money. Facebook has already provided live streaming for big name events, such as New York Fashion Week and the Consumer Electronics Show. Facebook’s most recent deal with E! for a live 15-20 minute talk show, that will stream on Facebook daily, is just another way live entertainment is becoming more accessible. Twitter has also made the plunge into the live video arena by securing its first broadcast deal with the National Football League, now streaming the 2016 season of Thursday Night Football games.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are paving the way for live TV. The addition of live TV makes information more accessible and convenient for users. The collision of social communication and news through live streaming, results in a range of access and capability for users.

This movement towards live streams on social platforms only makes it easier for cable subscribers to cut the cord. What sets Facebook and Twitter apart from other streaming services is that it is free access to entertainment, news and sports. With these platforms working on gaining even more streaming deals, it is the perfect time to cut the cord. To find out how to cut the cord, check out LanCity Connect, and explore the options you have with fiber.

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