How LanCity Offers Unique Services to Lancaster City

Here at LanCity Connect, we pride ourselves on being unique to our community. Here is a breakdown on how LanCity Connect and Lancaster City offers a unique change of pace to your internet services.


Funding Source Setup


Some cities have set up community broadbands via the use of bonds which keep the citizens on the hook for the outside company to succeed.


Loan and Direct Funding With Savings Allocated

The City of Lancaster has set up a 1.5 million loan for MAW Communications to help fund the project along with $1,000 per install and the cost of building the backbone network that supports all aspects of the SMART City.



Aspects of a SMART City include: Traffic, FTTH (Fiber to Home), Cameras, Water Meter Reading (AMI), City & PD Connectivity, and RSS (Rich Site Summary).


For additional questions or concerns, please contact customer support at or call (844) 526-2489

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