Is Your Community Ready For Business?

As stated by Thomas Dorr of the Department of Agriculture,

“communities are no longer competing against neighboring towns and counties; they are competing with other countries. States are no longer competing for business with the adjacent state; the competition includes provinces and prefectures half a world away”

According to Broadband Properties, affordable broadband is leading the charge for “Knowledge Economy entrepreneurial zeal” which is powered by new services like Voice over IP (VoIP) that give businesses the opportunity to cut costs while doing a better job of taking care of customers. Ultimately, affordable broadband is essential in today’s business world. Entrepreneurs specifically are seeing an increasing need for quality broadband as the startup generation continues to boom. Investing in quality broadband is as essential to businesses as any other component. Without a reliable connection and fast speeds, customers cannot be serviced at the highest quality nor can transactions be conducted as efficiently as they could. Your business is in good hands with LanCity Connect.

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