Why Invest in Local Community Broadband Networks?

LanCity is just one company among many nationwide that are looking to provide high-quality service at lower prices for communities across the country. While this all seems fantastic to consumers, why is it essential for many communities?

Internet Access and for Local Communities

Applications that are solely internet-driven are essential for companies that produce and package crops. These applications create video, 3-D renderings, and other imperative media that streamlines communication with employees globally. Many businesses are also boasting their access to quality high-speed internet access as the main incentive for business development.

Internet Access and Jobs

Quality internet access is essential for job searching and job postings, which are now almost all listed online. For higher-paying jobs, these companies often require prospects to provide in-depth applications via e-mail or online. By providing quality internet to communities, this increases the opportunities for jobs in less developed areas or impoverished areas.

Internet and Homework

The education system has made a dramatic shift as an increasing number of assignments and resources are solely found online. Students without internet access are unable to complete assignments at home. Finding a location that offers temporary internet access is often problematic as transportation options may also be limited.


Let’s continue to enhance our community by providing quality and high-speed internet access by choosing LanCity Connect.

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