Internet Infrastructure Must be Deemed Essential Infrastructure

Internet access is beneficial to all citizens. Whether you are posting a status which connects you to an infinite number of people digitally or you are utilizing the internet to take advantage of its infinite resources, all people can benefit from the power of the internet. Many communities across the country are recognizing the importance of internet access in our modern age and are investing in the improvement of their infrastructures. With the investment of these infrastructures comes a boost of vibrancy for these local municipalities.

There are a number of benefits to improving connectivity nationwide. These benefits include small business development, more affordability while improving quality, increase in workforce development, and improved access to essential services.

Small Business Developing

Businesses need access to off-site backup options that include data recovery. These options are only possible with high-speed internet access. Businesses are also able to expand to other markets through reliable access.

More Affordability While Improving Quality

The investment towards improving infrastructure allows for higher internet speeds and allows multiple providers to compete. Subscribers are then able to see a reduce in service costs due to the increase in competition.

Increase in Workforce Development

Sought-after jobs that offer higher pay often require digital skills that are developed in school or at home through a solid broadband connection. Broadband increases the possibilities for web-based training and education in schools, and students will be better equipped for the workforce.

Improved Access to Essential Services

Consumers will be able to have more access to records, accounts, and essential data through the increase of greater broadband. This infrastructure will also be able to enhance monetary transactions through online banking.


“Good connectivity keeps communities vibrant. High-speed, reliable Internet access allows existing businesses to stay competitive, attracts new businesses, provides educational opportunities, and improves quality of life.”
In short, providing people with fast internet broadband networks increases the livelihood for all. Transactions, data, education, and connectivity will all increase as a result of this investment of communities nationwide. To read the full article by, click here.

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