How The Internet Actually Works

The internet is a wonderful resource for essentially all of your possible needs,  but what actually is the internet and how does it work?

What is the internet?

The internet is a worldwide linked computer network. It is a collection of computer networks all linked together throughout the world using the telephone network.

How does the internet work?

The internet essentially transmits data from one location to another, globally! Whether the data is an email, text, web page, phone call or anything else, all information is handled the exact same way. Here at LanCity Connect, we use fiber optic cables which send messages in pulses of light, linking the computer networks from your home.

How is the data transported?

Packet switching is when data is broken up into tiny pieces called “packets.” Each packet travels separately, but with the same destination. The data could travel on different routes, but will eventually gather back at the ultimate destination. Packet switching is more efficient and convenient as you don’t have to use a permanent connection between two sources.

Whenever you contact another source, a connection is made which links the two places together. The process of linking the two sources is called circuit switching. Circuit switching is an inefficient way of connecting as it blocks any connection from being made on that circuit.


The internet is a spectacular resource and with the help of LanCity Connect, you can have fiber-optic service that delivers high speed internet service straight to your home!

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