Going Beyond Broadband

The challenge of keeping local economies thriving is often a daunting task for city officials across the nation. They must constantly be looking forward in hopes of obtaining the next new stimulating method of economic growth or prosperity. A fool-proof strategy to enable economic growth and stimulate small businesses is the implementation of higher, more reliable, and more affordable broadband speeds.


Not only are cities using these progressive broadbands for higher internet speeds but they are essentially shifting their communities into “Smart Cities”. These fiber networks can allow cities to measure the air quality (as seen in Antwerp, Belgium) and measure traffic patterns by uploading this data to the cloud and interpreting the data. Shifting into a Smart City can allow every aspect of the city to be connected, allowing citizens to have a much more pleasurable living experience.


Providing a greater bandwidth for cities can allow sensors to be connected to all devices within a city. The ability to monitor these devices opens the door to raising the quality of life for all and even improving the environmental state of these cities.
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