Fiber Wifi Benefits For Your Home

Fiber Wifi Benefits for Your Home

Secure, reliable data transmission is made possible with the fiber wifi networks that LanCity Connect provides. Using FTTH (fiber-to-the-home networks), LanCity Connect builds networks with fiber optic cable, which are brought from the utility pole directly into your home. This type of installment allows for faster speeds with less interruption and provides fiber wifi benefits for your home.


Currently in Lancaster County, ISPs (internet service providers) use a coaxial cable/copper wires. These types of connection will degrade. FFTH networks allow for undistorted connection due to the medium through which it travels, which means LanCity Connect’s network is much more reliable and has no limit as to how fast or how much bandwidth it can provide.
To learn more about LanCity Connect, call customer support at 844-LanCity or visit our website.


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