Fiber Access to Every Premise

LanCity currently operates on a public-private, open-access model which promotes the development of low-income neighborhoods. Supplying these affordable service options for low-income areas can help provide a positive solution to crime-ridden areas. Affordable broadband access can be an essential step forward for many communities as this implementation can provide more access to jobs and other basic resources that communities would otherwise not have access to. Lessening the cost of internet services can also help provide more disposable income for families in these areas.

LanCity installs one fiber line to every premises unless the household requests to “opt out” of our services. Municipalities will actively build infrastructure such as roads to boost economic development but not all municipalities have jumped on board to provide accessible broadband networks. The communities that have made the decision to implement a community broadband network within their community have acknowledged the positive effects on neighborhoods, businesses, and the community as a result of these networks.

We want you to learn more about the concept of community broadband networks and how these infrastructure projects can make a positive impact on communities. Read the full article on how these changes have made an impact in Connecticut here.

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