Frequently Asked Questions

What is LanCity Connect?

The City of Lancaster has entered into a strategic agreement with MAW Communications, a facilities-based Pennsylvania Telecommunications Carrier, to build and maintain a municipal broadband network for the City. This agreement and network model is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania. LanCity Connect offers FOUR different packages for your speed and budgeting needs! Check out our prices by clicking here!

What is MAW Communications?

MAW Communications is a registered Pennsylvania Public Utility supplying networking and telecommunication needs throughout eastern PA since 1997. Check them out at

So LanCity Connect is associated with the City of Lancaster?

YES! Check these links below to learn more about our Community Broadband Initiative!

City of Lancaster: Resident FAQ

City of Lancaster: Resident Broadband Network

Lancaster Online: Q&A: Lancaster’s Municipal Broadband Network

What is fiber-to-the-home?

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks are built with fiber optic cable, which are brought from the utility pole directly into your house. This allows for faster speeds, and less interruptions in services.

How is fiber-to-the-home different that the current networks offered in the City of Lancaster?

The current internet service providers (ISP) in the area use a coaxial cable or copper wires which can degrade the connection brought into your home. A Fiber-to-the-home network allows for the connection to not be distorted due to the medium it travels through. Fiber Optic networks are hundreds of times more reliable and have no limit as to how fast or how much bandwidth they can provide. They’re future proof.

Does FTTH increase the value of my home?

YES! Reports are showing that the property value of your home can increase 3.1% up to 7% just because you have a fiber connection to your home! Check out these links to learn more!

Quicken Loans

FTTH Council

What is the installation process for fiber-to-the-home connectivity?

Outside Hardware

A team of professional installers first take the fiber from the utility pole and bring it to the outside of your home. From there the team will create a point of entrance into your home to bring the fiber in through. The installation team will then connect the hardware and you will be ready to receive the most reliable, affordable, and fastest possible connection offered in the City of Lancaster!

How long until I can become a LanCity Connect subscriber?

LanCity Connect will deploying installation teams in location specific phases. Please check out our Phase Deployment Map on our Installation Process page to find out which phase you are in!

Why should I sign a occupancy access agreement (easement agreement)?

A property access agreement grants LanCity Connect the right to access your property to bring fiber to the outside of your house. This allows us to connect multiple residents to the network quickly and easily. Therefore allowing us to give you the savings you deserve!

Does signing the property access agreement lock me into purchasing services from LanCity Connect?

NO! By signing the occupancy access agreement you are ONLY granting LanCity Connect access to your property to attach the fiber to the outside of your house. You are not required to purchase our services, but we bet you will want to!

I am a renter, do I have permission to sign the Occupancy Access Agreement?

YES! Since MAW Communications, which powers LanCity Connect, is a PA Public Utility, we are obligated to provide our services to renters and owners alike as long as you are within our service area. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read your lease agreement to verify you are within the rights set forth in your personal agreement between you and the owner of the property. We also HIGHLY RECOMMEND you contact your landlord to inform them of your desire to install LanCity Connect services to their property. (It may be helpful to inform them a fiber-to-the-house connection increases property value 3%-7%!) Contact us at or call us at 844-LanCity (1-844-526-2489) for any questions.

I signed the property access agreement….now what?

LanCity Connect now has your permission to access your property to begin our installation process so we can bring you the best internet connection available in the city to you! We will begin by first dropping the fiber to your home and attaching to the outside of your home prior to our first wave of deployment. This ensures you will be able to be some of the first residents to access our awesome services! Next, we will contact you to schedule your “in home set-up”. During this portion of the installation process we will bring the fiber into your home and connect our hardware to your hardware and devices! This process will occur during 2017.

Does LanCity Connect offer cable or any TV packages or network security packages?

No, LanCity Connect strives to offer the fastest, most affordable, and most reliable internet connection, therefore we want to focus purely on your internet. By adding in other packages we take our focus away from what truly matters, your internet!

So…if LanCity Connect does not offer cable, don’t I still need a cable subscription?

No, you can still access TV shows and movies by subscribing to services that deliver content through the internet. Some of these content delivery providers are listed below.

By choosing LanCity Connect, you are not only supporting your local Community Broadband Solution, you are also able to save yourself money each month! Check out these links to learn how you can view your favorite TV programs through the Web! (Get all 3 premium streaming packages for less than the average cost of a cable subscription.

I’m confused about billing. How do I pay my monthly bill?

Have you been confused about billing. Please click here for our FAQ.

Streaming Sites Price
(per month)
Netflix $11.99
Hulu $11.99
HBO Now $14.99
Total $38.97

How can I watch the Local News without my cable package?

Here in the 21st Century, news is streaming online, and with LanCity Connect you won’t even have to wait for it to load/buffer! Check out the links below to find your favorite local news channel with online streaming!


Fox 43

ABC 27

ABC News


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