Ditching Cable Is Kid-Friendly


Interested in cutting the cord with your cable supplier, but hesitating for the fear of losing all your kids favorite TV shows? Most parents rely on the little time of day where they plant their kids in front of their favorite TV show, for some time to get things done around the house. Fear no more because you can still get your kids favorites shows, even after you cancel your cable TV subscription.

The selections of children’s favorites have never been easier to access than now. Your children don’t need to miss out on their favorite shows with streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. Amazon-Prime Instant Video is known to have the widest selection of comedy and children’s programming than its competitors. Netflix offers educational programs like Leap Frog and PBS Kids, that promote learning. Hulu recently began streaming Disney Channel programming, that significantly expanded Hulu’s programming for children.

The inclusion of these major networks on the already popular streaming services, provides the best options for anyone looking to let go of their cable network. The reason for replacing your cable with a streaming service might be driven by the high cable bill you receive every month, but there are more benefits to cutting the cord than just saving money. Streaming services like Netflix, eliminates advertising. No more suffering through commercials and worrying about your kids seeing endless advertisements.

The abundance of kid-friendly TV shows and movies on streaming services only makes it easier for cable subscribers to cut the cord. LanCity Connect allows you to enjoy the affordable cost of high-speed internet, that your children will enjoy in order to stream their favorite entertainment with buffering. To find out how to cut the cord check out LanCity Connect, and explore the options you have with fiber.

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