Creating Jobs with Municipal Broadband Networks

Telecommunication is essential in today’s world as most businesses heavily rely on this aspect to stay connected to other businesses and consumers across the world. Many cities across the United States have taken telecommunications into their own hands by initiating their own broadband networks. This action has led to huge savings while simultaneously attracting business to their local community.

Community broadband networks are able to deliver higher quality connections at much greater speeds and reliability than basic cable and DSL companies. These networks are focused on helping local businesses thrive instead of enabling big business monopolies.

An eye-opening example of this action towards efficient and affordable telecommunications takes place in Springfield, Missouri after a national carrier was unable to meet the needs of Expedia. SpringNet was able to step in to provide essential connectivity to provide over 400 jobs to the community.

Another example takes place in Lafayette, Louisiana where LUS Fiber was able to successfully connect Pixel Magic (a movie studio), to studios and partners all around the world, creating roughly 200 new jobs for Pixel Magic. NuComm International was also able to bring a call center to Lafayette which resulted in 1,000 new positions for the surrounding community.

These examples of thriving businesses being positively impacted by community broadband networks instill hope that more communities will follow suit. LanCity is proud to be apart of this thriving broadband community effort nationwide.


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