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Does LanCity Connect offer cable or any TV packages or network security packages?

No, LanCity Connect strives to offer the fastest, most affordable, and most reliable internet connection, therefore we want to focus purely on your internet. By adding in other packages we take our focus away from what truly matters, your internet!

So…if LanCity Connect does not offer cable, don’t I still need a cable subscription?

No, you can still access TV shows and movies by subscribing to services that deliver content through the internet. Some of these content delivery providers are listed below.

By choosing LanCity Connect, you are not only supporting your local Community Broadband Solution, you are also able to save yourself money each month! Check out these links to learn how you can view your favorite TV programs through the Web! (Get all 3 premium streaming packages for less than the average cost of a cable subscription.

Streaming services monthly pricing
Streaming Sites Price
(per month)
Netflix $11.99
Hulu $11.99
HBO Now $14.99
Total $38.97

How can I watch the Local News without my cable package?

Here in the 21 st Century, news is streaming online, and with LanCity Connect you won’t even have to wait for it to load/buffer! Check out the links below to find your favorite local news channel with online streaming!

WGAL 8 | Fox 43 | ABC 27 | ABC News

Don’t own your home, but still want LanCity Connect to bring the best internet connection into your home?

Although you do have to own your home to authorize the property access agreement, we do have options for you! First, you can contact us to determine if your landlord has already jumped on the LanCity Connect band wagon! Contact us at or call us at 844-LanCity (1-844-526-2489) Second, you can take the matter in your own hands and request your landlord to sign the property agreement. We cannot force your landlord to allow us to connect to their property, but informing them fiber connectivity INCREASES property value up to 3.1% can always help! Check out these links below for more information!

Quicken Loans

FTTH Council