Community Fiber is Faster AND Cheaper

Throughout the United States, consumers are finding themselves playing far too much for their broadband networks with MUCH slower speeds. Throughout Europe and Asia however, their choices in providers are numerous, far more than the US. The majority of broadband providers in the US are large single-cable companies who offer mediocre services at sky high prices. As a result, communities across the nation have come together to form their very own broadband networks in an attempt to create a more affordable and much more reliable network.

Companies like AT&T and Time Warner Cable don’t always deliver their advertised speed, leaving consumers frustrated and lacking adequate service. The communities that have made the initiative to create their own networks are now able to pay reasonable prices for quality service. An uprising such as this has taken place in Chattanooga, Tennessee where they were able to build their own fiber-optic network and offer the fastest network connection possible.

While making the switch to a personal municipal network sounds excellent, communities have yet to make the switch due to the lobbying efforts of big business companies such as AT&T and Comcast. More and more communities have come together to prove the necessity of fast and affordable service in hopes of blocking such lobbying efforts.

LanCity is proud to be apart of this movement towards affordable and quality service!

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