The Challenges of Negotiating with Partners

“When a city negotiates a broadband contract with a private-sector partner, what should it ask for? And what is it likely to get?”


Negotiation With Partners

Negotiations between Google Fiber and Kansas City were able to initiate a new model for cities to be able to upgrade to next-generation networks more efficiently. This model was then pushed forward by Google Fiber as well as other cities and providers adopting this model.

Negotiations such as these can be extremely complex but are crucial for any network to be implemented or expanded. This particular negotiation ultimately affected city operations, personnel, and properties throughout the city. Understand all of the fine details surrounding these negotiations will allow both parties to achieve a win-win situation where city residents will be able to receive high-quality fiber access and larger providers will also gain significant benefits. With a comprehensive understanding of all aspects regarding an ongoing negotiation, an agreement can be reached much quicker and more efficiently.
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