The Challenge of Building Your Broadband Network

Implementing a city-wide community broadband network is a truly incredible initiative as it provides residents with affordable and quality fiber optic access. This network could potentially be essential for many businesses throughout your city and offer large benefits to users.

A large concern regarding the rollout of your network is trying to figure out a proper location. Locating the geographic areas that the network will cover is key to figuring out your builder’s construction costs and potential risks of development. Typically, a builder will deploy in the areas that pose the least risk, the profitability is highest and the cost is the lowest. Municipalities will often want to bring access to as many residents and businesses as possible. In order to do this, they will likely look to deploy in high-density areas that will have the largest reach. A city will consider the economic and social benefits that the deployment schedule will offer to the city, resulting in some areas being targeting over others.

According to BBP.Mag, these are some of the questions that should be asked to determine where the network should be built:

  • Are there areas of the city that the provider must connect and, if so, on what timetable?
  • Are there public facilities the provider must connect?
  • How many and on what timetable?
  • Is there a minimum coverage area that the provider must commit to as part of the agreement?


All information gathered from BBP.Mag

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