Benefits of Fiber to Home

Why are fiber connections essential to your household and community? Fiber to the home (FTTH) has become the most reliable, fastest and affordable connectivity option. While only about one in five households in America have access to fiber, in countries like Japan, four in five households have access to fiber*. Fiber technology has sparked economic growth within communities across the nation and across the world. FTTH has also led to an increase in jobs. Fiber deployments have stimulated investment and economic growth in communities across the country.


Due to the rising demand for bandwidth and overall accessibility, copper cables are no longer able to handle the communications demand. FTTH is an essential alternative to fill that gap.


Okay by why is there so much hype surrounding fiber?

  • Fiber provides more bandwidth, reliability, speed, and affordability.
  • Fiber connections are much cheaper to maintain than copper cables.
  • Fiber connections do not have to be updated or changed which make them essentially “future proof”.
  • Fiber can handle any bandwidth with ease and requires far fewer materials and space as the wires are only about the size of a pencil.


We have provided some brief insights on why fiber is the future of communications technology and why more communities and businesses should consider switching to fiber networks versus copper. Our communities have to grow with the demanding internet usage.


We have obtained this information from bbpmag and encourage all of our readers to take a moment to read the remaining information provided in the PDF. Learn more about why fiber is an essential resource and why more countries are adopting this technology.


Read the full PDF here.

*Stat received by bbpmag

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