5 Steps to Ditch Your Cable Supplier E-Mail

Don’t be afraid to ditch your cable supplier because they host your e-mail server. Switching your e-mail to a web-based server is easier than you think! Check out these 5 easy steps on how to ditch your cable supplier e-mail and move on your way to a faster, more dependable service.

1) Create a web-based account

Choose a web-based e-mail account to avoid the hassle of switching providers again later on down the road. You can keep your web-based e-mail forever, regardless of your internet service provider.

2) Migrate your old and new inbox

For web-based providers such as Gmail or Outlook, migrating your old inbox is relatively simple. Most often your new cloud-based service will have a feature that will retrieve your entire inbox from your cable supplier e-mail account.

3) Notify contacts

Send an e-mail to your entire contact list to let them know your new address.

4) Set up email forwarding

Auto-forward any e-mail from your old address to your new address. This will allow you to manage your e-mail on one server. Most ISP servers allow this feature, but not all do.

5) Start saving money with LanCity Connect

Save money by switching to the fastest connection to the internet, LanCity Connect. By ditching your cable supplier, you can take advantage of the highest speed internet and low costs LanCity Connect provides.

Early adopter installations continue to roll out! Contact LanCity Connect for more information at info@lancityconnect.com / support@lancityconnect.com.

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